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Blue Rhine Industries is using its resources and factory to support the community by developing a unique & affordable sanitizing solution known as SANITECH. These Dubai Municipality approved tunnels are durable, and come equipped with a high-pressure pump, a PIR sensor system & DM approved disinfectants.

We are dedicated towards ensuring the safety of the community and are using our production capabilities to produce these tunnels. This will enable the public spaces to combat the spread of COVID-19 after the lock-down, especially entrances to malls, supermarkets, metro stations, offices, residential buildings, restaurants, schools etc.

Benefits of the Disinfection Tunnel

BRI are one of the few Dubai Municipality approved suppliers of these tunnels, making SANITECH one of the best solutions in the region which is certified by the government for use

It is made with a PIR sensor-based system which is triggered by motion, so every person passing through will be disinfected

The disinfecting solution is also DM approved and is safe and harmless to the skin while still destroying the microorganisms

One of the most cost-effective and durable solutions in the market currently 

All tubes and nozzles are stainless steel 316 grade, the walls and ceiling are cladded with Polycarbonate sheets that make it durable.



Time Activity
11:00 - 11:30 Brief intro on BRI and what we do
How and why we got into this line of work?
Product explanation standard/export/premium 
Authority approval and why is it important
Conclusion (How we can help you safely manage the movement of people?)
11:30 – 12:00 Questions
12:00 Closing Remarks

Our agenda is to help very one feel more comfortable visiting a location where they know there is a sanitizing tunnel.


Nita Odedra

General Manager (Sales & Marketing), Blue Rhine Industries

Nita graduated from the Middlesex University in 2006. With more than 15 years of experience in the corporate industry, she joined as a Business Development Manager at Blue Rhine Industries in October 2016. She was promoted within a year to the role of General Manager of Sales and Marketing. She has excellent numerical, analytical and interactive skills with the natural ability to create an instant rapport with clients.
She was responsible for the introduction and implementing of CRM across the Blue Rhine Group. She has managed global vendors such as Oracle and IBM in the past. She has handled large enterprises such as the ENOC and KNCC (Kuwait National Cinema Company).

Boney Issac

Business Development Manager, Blue Rhine Industries

Graduating with Masters in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Wollongong, Boney has been involved with various global brands within the UAE. He has worked with the likes of BMW, Rolls Royce, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche which involved handling their marketing and PR activities across the UAE markets.
His current portfolio includes brands such as Al Futtaim, Cartier, Chalhoub Group, Al Shaya, telecommunications entities like DU and other luxury retailers. He is known to be a people person and understands the client’ needs to deliver the best possible unique solutions. He has also won government projects from Dubai Municipality and other digital projects for Al Futtaim malls.


Who will attend the Blue Rhine’s DigiConnect?

18 senior management members with the below job titles from operational sectors in the UAE:

Blue Rhine Industries

Blue Rhine Industries is a UAE based family business headquartered in Dubai. As specialized metal fabricators for the past 23 years in complex signage structures, ticketing kiosks and digital technology, we have been able to utilize this expertise in manufacturing affordable and practical disinfection booths that can help contain the spread of Covid-19 across the city. This will allow businesses to get back to their usual routine faster and with more confidence.



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